"For those who aren’t aware, MoVE is the Millennial Voter Engagement Initiative, and they are dedicated to event planning, policy research, field strategy, fundraising, and more to ensure that young people have a greater political voice in New Orleans. They have a number of committees currently seeking additional members; you can learn more and sign up for those here." - Big Easy Magazine 2019

"'One of the realizations we had was that politicians listen to two things: money and votes,' MoVE co-founder and Tulane senior Bobby Mannis said. 'Young people right now don’t have a lot of money and aren’t voting like older people.'" - Tulane Hullabaloo 2017

"Clarke Perkins, a New Orleans native and MoVE initiative co-founder, votes in every election. 'When a candidate I vote for wins, I feel like I’ve been a part of something bigger. I vote because I think it’s important; it’s my responsibility to choose someone that will represent me,' she explained. Her commitment to voting is not shared by millennials today, but she believes it will become the norm of tomorrow." - Bayou Brief 2017

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