In June 2017, Clarke Perkins, Bobby Mannis and Bailee Stewart met together for the first time. What they thought would be a meeting to discuss New Orleans and its politics resulted in the founding of the Millennial Voter Engagement Initiative. The young change agents knew they needed to step up in a significant way if they wanted to create impactful change in a city so dear to them. After their initial meeting, they hit the ground running — they held their first event within weeks. MoVE has gained massive support from the community and has been a great tool to gather young people in the name of positive change. In 2018, MoVE established itself in the city of Chicago, marking the second chapter. Since its founding, MoVE's voter registration and Get Out the Vote efforts have impacted thousands. The MoVE team plans to initiate chapters across the country and continue to promote civic engagement, especially among young people who are actively fighting for a louder voice. 

MoVE is determined to ensure hopeful trajectories in cities throughout the United States. We will continue to encourage young voters to learn about their local candidates and policy decisions. Our programming has helped millennial voters (and later generations) understand their roles in society. They use their positions in the community to influence the future of their city through the power of their ballot.  

Our voices will be heard.

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